JMCAM Welcomes a New Team Member

JMC Asset Management is very excited to announce and welcome the arrival of our newest member. Gregory Jannin, Ph.D., has joined us to enhance the capabilities of JMCAM and develop portfolio management and risk control tools.

Prior to joining JMCAM, Gregory was a quantitative research analyst within AAAdvisors-QCG (ABN AMRO Group) since December 2008, where he was in charge of developing asset allocation models, portfolio optimization strategies, and financial decision-making tools for portfolio managers, as well as private and institutional clients. Gregory was also a Teaching Assistant in Finance at the University of Paris-1 (Panthéon-Sorbonne) since November 2009. He has published articles in academic journals, such as Review of International Economics and Journal of Economic Surveys. His research interests are performance measurement, portfolio management, asset allocation and Prospect Theory.

Gregory graduated with a M.Sc. in Finance, a M.Sc. in Financial Engineering, a M.Phil. in Quantitative and Market Finance and holds a Ph.D. in Finance from the University of Paris-1 (Panthéon-Sorbonne).

Please join us in welcoming Gregory to our team!