What is the concept behind JMCAM’s approach? 

JMCAM’s philosophy emphasizes a novel approach in researching money managers for the construction of a diversified portfolio. We would describe our approach as “concentrated multi-management”. Our innovative design uses a unique bottom-up manager selection process, focusing on stock-pickers that demonstrate consistent added value in specific sectors, coupled with thorough and disciplined risk management to monitor and control our underlying exposures. LEARN MORE

What are the competitive advantages of such an approach?

We believe that our process’s main competitive advantage and value add comes from:

    (i)     the way we analyze managers, focusing on convictions and areas of expertise, and

    (ii)   the way we combine differentiated managers and specific portions of their traditional strategies within a fund construct.

Our unique and innovative design allows us to preserve the benefits of multi-management (i.e., spreading contributions and limiting key-man risks) without over-diversifying the aggregate portfolio or diluting the convictions of our underlying managers.

We provide access to boutique institutional managers, and more importantly to specific portions of their traditional strategies that are not otherwise accessible in the marketplace.

 Although our track record is short, we rely on the expertise of well-regarded, institutional investment managers who have, on average, more than 17 years of experience managing long-only US equity portfolios. The firms we have partnered with have all been in existence for more than 18 years (average of 28 years) and have an average of $18 billion of assets under management.

What is unique about the team of portfolio managers you have assembled?

Beyond the fact that all of our managers have proven pedigrees, excellent long term track records and are of institutional quality, all of our managers display a demonstrable expertise in their ability to pick stocks within a specific sector of the market. They have shown a propensity to add value within a specific sector on a consistent basis and over a long time period.

 What are your target clients? Who is this appropriate for?

We believe that our approach is appropriate for clients who:

    - Understand and can cope with equity-market risk;

    - Believe in active management and are looking for an active exposure to the US equity market;

    - And are looking for a unique and innovative solution to outperform the market.

Our target clients are families, high-net-worth individuals and institutional clients such as public pension funds, endowments and foundations, Taft-Hartley plans etc…

What are the future plans/developments?

Our vision is to be a premier provider of innovative investment products and solutions, based on the selection and allocation of equity managers. Our goal is to expand our product lineup and offer customized solutions to be able to cater specifically to different investors’ needs.